To my Dear China Plates (mates)

I had my coronation as the Pearly King of Peckham in 1958 down the Old Kent Road, after being a Pearly Prince from the age of seven. In February 2008 will be my 50th Golden Anniversary as the Pearly King of Peckham.

During that time I have brought into the Pearly Kings and Queens World by introducing Ron Keeble the Pearly King of Shepherd's Bush and his trouble and strife (wife) Dot his Pearly Queen and in turn his two sons Steven and Wayne, and Daughter Nicola. I know that I had made the right choice because they were a caring family who thought of others with the many charities needing support and of course not forgetting the good old cockney spirit to stand up and fight for those charities in great need. That was in 1976 and since then has proved that my choice was that of the right one. I take my hat off to them and another couple dear Eddie and Flo Cheer the Pearly king and Queen of Fulham who also held them qualities whom I introduced in 1976.

Then there is Ricky Conway a great Pearly who I already knew as a Pearly but found him and his family a title Pearly King and Queen of Deptford along with his Princesses all with the above qualities, who brought alive with his musical input. Between all the above Pearlies mentioned they have raised thousands and thousands of pounds for many charities. They have brought brightness into many dull lives which now brings me to my old china plate Sir Norman Wisdom who is so genuine whom I admire, who never forgot his roots even after a tough childhood that he survived. Sir Norman Wisdom who is well known for bringing laughter happiness and smiles too many of faces, that is why I made him into the Honourable Pearly King of comedy, which again in turn has done so much for others.

Then finally we have Lord Jeffery Archer who I made into an Honourable Pearly King of charity who outstrips us all for his endless work raising bees and honey (money) for charity that amounts into millions and also a man who thinks of others. He has most certainly helped me to be more determined to bring my dream of a Cockney Museum alive. I am proud to put their names on my website www.pearlykingofpeckham.com. Unfortunately, the great pearlys of by-gone days have left us. The ones that have done so much for charity also that have given hope and happiness to many, long may they not be forgotten.

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