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Our Friends

Pearly Kings & Queens
Pearly Kings & Queens originated in the 19th century from the 'Coster Kings & Queens', who originated in the 18th century, who originated from the 'Costermongers', who originated from London's 'Street Traders', who have been around for over a 1000 years... with that out of the way let's get down to the nitty gritty!

The Cockney Museum
Part educational and part recreational, the new Cockney Museum is the latest and much anticipated London attraction dedicated to preserving and promoting the capital's rich history. The Museum is an interactive journey through the life of London's East End during the last two centuries paying particular attention to the daily experiences of the poor and working classes of in Victorian times.

Capital FM - Help A London Child
Help a London Child provides financial support to grass-root projects working with London's less advantaged children and young people.

Molly & Berts site about London
 We are a husband and wife team with diverse roots and a shared love of London. Fed up of tourist tat and the Hollywood version of London, we developed Molly and Berts to reflect the real London, in all its chequered glory.

Molly and Berts souvenirs are for everyone who loves London, and we wanted to produce designs that would appeal to visitors and Londoners alike. Our aim is to share the London we know and love.

Anne Shelton's new site
Anne Shelton was one of the greatest British singing stars of the 40s and 50s. Her songs including 'Lili Marlene' and 'Lay Down Your Arms' kept troops and civilians in high spirits throughout the Second World War and into the 1990s.

Manzes for great traditional Pie & Mash and Eels (jellied or stewed), in authentic surroundings.
 We serve traditional Pie & Mash and Eels (jellied or stewed), in authentic surroundings. At Manzes, we still use the same recipes today for the pies and liquor as were used in 1902, the only changes made have been to improve quality and to meet the higher food standards of today.

Goddards traditional Pie & Mash is another of our favourites and a London legend for well over 100 years
We are a family business that has been making great pie and mash since 1890. We make authentic pie and mash food that everyone can enjoy. A simple, wholesome meal made the traditional way. If you want a great pie experience, you're in the right place! Welcome to the home of traditional pie and mash.

War and Peace Show - a fantastic show each and every year!
Visit The World's Largest Military Spectacular at The Hop Farm!
Now in it's 28th year, the War and Peace Show offers a diverse fun-packed programme to keep you entertained for a whole day or a even a week!